Tsurumi B Range

Pumping Fluid

Temperature 0-40°C
Type of Fluid Municipal sewage
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The B-series is a basic heavy-duty, submersible sewage and wastewater pumps providing excellent solids matter passing capability with reliable operation. They offer a wide lineup of discharge bores ranging from 50 – 300 mm and motor outputs of 0.4 – 75 kW, and come in a variety of models. The B-series pumps have accumulated various track record and know-how in a wide range of industrial and water treatment applications for many years.

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    50B2.4 400V, TOS50B2.4 400V, 50B2.75 400V, TOS50B2.75 400V, 50B2.75H 400V, TOS50B2.75H 400V, 80B21.5 400V, TOS80B21.5 400V, 100B42.2 400V, TOS100B42.2 400V, 100B43.7 400V, TOS100B43.7 400V, 150B43.7 400V, TOS150B43.7 400V, 100B43.7H 400V, TOS100B43.7H 400V, 100B45.5 400V, TOS100B45.5 400V, 100B47.5 400V, TOS100B47.5 400V, 150B47.5L 400V, TOS150B47.5L 400V, 150B415 400V, TOS150B415


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