Tsurumi TRN Aerators

Pumping Fluid

Temperature 0-40°C
Type of Fluid Municipal sewage, sewage of food industry
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The TRN-series is a submersible self-aspirating aerator designed for aeration and mixing of wastewater. The liquid flow generated by Tsurumi’s special semi-open impeller causes negative pressure to form on the backside of the impeller vanes and draw in air from above the water’s surface. The aspirated air, mixed with water viciously by mechanical forces inside the impeller and guide vane, transforms into tiny bubbles. Moreover, the mixed flow of air and water is evenly discharged in multiple directions along the circumference. The compounded action of the air lift and convective currents that are generated in the process makes aeration and agitation very efficient and increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water.

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    32TRN2.75 400V, 32TRN21.5 400V, 50TRN42.2 400V, 50TRN43.7 400V, 50TRN45.5 400V, 80TRN47.5 400V, 80TRN412 400V, 80TRN417 400V, 100TRN424 400V, 150TRN440 400V


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