Tsurumi MMR Mixers


Pumping Fluid

Temperature 0-40°C
Type of Fluid Municipal sewage, sewage of food industry
Propeller Thrust 165N, 220N, 230N, 300N, 350N, 660N, 820N, 625N, 1060N, 1165N, 1025N, 1700N, 1500N, 2100N
Max. PH Value 6-14



Max. Liquid Density 1100 Kg/m³
Max. Starts Per Hour (equally distributed) 20/h
Max. Acoustic Pressure Level in db 70
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Tsurumi MMR Mixers Brochure

MMR submerged mixers are adoptable for single or multiple installations, or in combination with bottom aeration systems (e.g. TRN aerators), depending on the process in which they are used. Equipped with class IE3 motors running costs are kept down, with low energy use and limited maintenance. Highest compatibility allows for flexible installation at any point of tanks, both for optimal mixing and for use as replacements for obsolete devices in existing systems.

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