Tsurumi BER Aerating Submersible Pumps

Pumping Fluid

Temperature 0-40°C
Type of Fluid Municipal sewage, sewage of food industry
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The BER-series is a submersible self-aspirating jet aerators combined a submersible pump with a venturi-jet based diffuser. The liquid flow generated by the submerged pump causes negative pressure to form around the nozzle, whereby drawing in air from above the water’s surface. With this jet injector mechanism, the aspirated air mixes with water and is ejected through the diffuser, simultaneously agitating and aerating the ponded water. The mixed air-water is ejected powerfully in one direction, which effectively agitates the water across a wide area.

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    8-BER 400V, TOS-8BER 400V, 15-BER 400V, TOS-15BER 400V, 22-BER 400V, TOS-22BER 400V, 37-BER 400V, TOS-37BER 400V, 55-BER 400V, TOS-55BER 400V


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