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The single stage LR and LRV and the two stage LLR family of pumps are part of a broad range of axially split, heavy-duty between bearings pumps. These pumps complement the similarly designed LNN and LNNV. Together these products offer 150 impeller-volute combinations, industry’s largest array of efficient hydraulic solutions.

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The LR, LRV and LLR family of pumps provides a broad range of hydraulic coverage and low total cost of ownership. With thousands of units installed over the years, these pumps provide reliable and efficient performance in applications ranging from water supply to circulation duties to petroleum distribution.

LR (29 Sizes)
Operating Parameters
• Standard flows to 2000 m3/h
• Heads to 170 m
• Pressures to 21 bar
• Temperatures from -30°C to 150°C


Agriculture, Water Supply and Treatment (oil and gas), Food Processing, Water Treatment, OEM, Construction, Boiler Feed, Boiler Feed Booster, Condensate Extraction, FPSO, Offsites and Waste Treatment, Cooling Water, Cooling Water (metals), Dewatering and Water Supply (mining), Ground Water Development and Irrigation, HVAC, Shower Pumps, Water Supply and Distribution (water), Flood Contro

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