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Technical Data

Max Flow : 600 m3/hr

Max Head : 90 meters

Temperature :  Max 230c

Shaft Sealing : Balance standard mechanical seal, uncooled

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The ZEND series has been designed for the trouble free handling of hot water up to 230.c and is distinguished by

– A double heat barrier that causes an optimal energy consumption by the pump and reduces temperature level in the mechanical seal chamber to less than 100c without external cooling circuit thus increasing the service life of the mechanical seal.

– A special design that automatically leads accumulation of gas to exhaust, consequently the dry operation the mechanical seal is excluded.

– Construction programme of 29 sizes guarantees an optimal solution for every operating point.

– The back pull out design permits the removal of the complete bearing unit towards the drive end without removing the pump casing from the pipework. If  a spacer coupling is installed it is also unnecessary to remove the motor.

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