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DAB Esybox Max is an integrated pumping system for pressurisation in commercial building services.

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Available in two power sizes it consists of modular elements that allow different configurations to cover the needs of medium to large apartment complexes and tall buildings (even over 14 floors).

The Esybox Max can be assembled on a single, double or triple pump connection base or a four pump set can be created by using the additional kit to join to double pump units.

The modular construction of the pumps and bases allows for assembly of the pumps sets at the installation site.

(Single, double and triple pump docks shown in illustration are supplied separately)

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    ESYBOX Max 60/120M, ESYBOX Max 60/120T, ESYBOX Max 85/120T, 2 ESYBOX Max 60/120M, 2 ESYBOX Max 60/120T, 2 ESYBOX Max 85/120T, 3 ESYBOX Max 60/120M, 3 ESYBOX Max 60/120T, 3 ESYBOX Max 85/120T, 4 ESYBOX Max 60/120M, 4 ESYBOX Max 60/120T, 4 ESYBOX Max 85/120T


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