DAB Esytank for Esybox (Pump Not Included)

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E.SYTANK is a drinking water storage tank, designed with integration of the E.SYBOX booster pump system. Complete tank and pump system to boost mains
water supply in domestic/ residential and light commercial applications.

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Operating range: maximum flow rate 120 l/min, head up to 65 metres
Pumped fluid: clean, free from solids or abrasive substances, not viscous,
not aggressive, not crystallised and chemically neutral.
Maximum liquid temperature: 40°C
Maximum environment temperature: 50°C
Maximum capacity: 480 litres
Maximum system pressure (c/e.sybox): 8 bar
Supply pressure allowed at mains water inlet: max. 6 bar
Dimensions of mains water inlet pipe: ¾”
Dimensions of delivery pipe: 1”
Dimensions of overflow pipe connection: DN 50
Dimensions of front discharge (not drilled): DN40
Dimensions of discharge lower discharge (not drilled): DN20

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